NeW SoNg

New song..composed by me..without any rhythm.haha..
just for you..sincerely from my heart..

even you smiling and happy
i know your heart hurt about past love
though you never say it
i could see clearly

i want to heal your wounds
i want to make you happy
i really like you
i love you

i want to hold you and wait
standing by your side all the time
making you happy
lend shoulder for you to cry on

but it seems i'm not the one for you
I've got rejected again and again
there's someone else who could wavering your heart
someone whose better than me

and i can't hold you any longer
my heart hurts
it couldn't stand the pain anymore
thinking of you
my tears always shed

i'm sorry
all i can do now is leaving you
leaving you with her
forgetting you isn't easy
but i'll try

good bye my love
hoping that you'll be happy with her
its been very difficult for me
but i'll try to calm my heart saying that
as long as you happy, i'll be happy too


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