kite dikahwin kan dengan seseorang tu bukan sebab kita cinta dia..
bkn sebab saling mencintai...
bkn sebab dia sesuai dgn kita...
tapi kita dikahwinkan sebab org tu jodoh yg Allah tetapkan...

sebab tu kita tengok ada suami isteri yg tak saling mencintai..
ada suami isteri yang tak sesuai...
tapi tu la jodoh mereka.yang da ditulis di luh mahfuz lagi...

ak memang sayang gila kat akim..
tapi aku sedar, aku menangis air mata darah sekali pun dia takkan nak kat aku...

usaha?usaha yg mcm mana?
ak bangun, menghargai diri, sayang diri, bermatlamat, berjaya
masa tu baru aku dapt tarik phatian dia balik supaya nak kat aku balik?
aku boleh buat
aku boleh bangun
aku boleh tunjuk kat dia aku hebat

tapi sejauh mana keikhlasan dia terima diri aku kalau mcm tu?
saat aku jatuh, melarikan diri?
saat aku perlukan sokongan, aku dipandang rendah dan ditinggalkan?
saat aku lalai, aku dibiarkan hanyut dan dihina?
tapi saat aku hebat, dikagumi dan didekati??
di mana nilai kesetiaan kalau mcm tu?

kita semua manusia
kita semua ada jatuh dan bangun
kita semua ada susah dan senang
kita semua mengharap orang berada disisi kita setia dikala bangun dan jatuh kita

tapi kalau macam ni lah
ak da tak perlu fikir cinta
aku terima sape je jodoh aku sekarang
tak perlu aku tunggu akim lagi
memandangkan dia takkan dapat terima diri aku ketika aku berada dibawah

Aku Maafkan

Aku maafkan kau

Setelah sume yang kau da buat kat aku..
menghina, menuduh, mengutuk dan mengata aku
dulu aku kata aku tak nak maafkn, aku mahu pahala kau di akhirat

tapi aku ubah fikiran
aku maafkan kau
aku tak mahu pahala kau walaupun aku bakal ditempatkan ke neraka atas dosa2 aku

mungkin kerana pahala itu tak mampu meneutralkan dosa2 aku

aku maafkn kau
aku tak mahu kau jadi orang yang muflis di akhirat
harapan aku, bahagia kau bukan di dunia sahaja

sedang nabi yang maksum pun diperkata dan dihina
apatah lagi aku yg sememangnya hina dan penuh dosa

aku sedih..


aku maafkan kau...

bebel sorang2

siyes aku sunyi gle skarang..

pulak tu bace msg dia yg ak sedar la yg dia btol2 mmg da taknak kat ak.
ak skrg mmg kne kuatkn hati.kne move on dan lupakan dia..
aku da memang jd makin teruk.da xbole buat ape
ni da msuk 3mggu xcontact langsung dia..tahniah kat aku.
ak yakin ak bole teruskn hidup tnpa dia dgn baik.
cume take time lah..
aku tak nk suka mane2 ak sorg2 dulu
so nti ak da biasa sorg2, ak ske org bkn sb ak sunyi, tp btol2 nak kt org tu

skrg ak nk tumpukan bende yg lbh pnting.impian aku.

lagipun aku tgk akim gembira tanpa ak pn xnak kaco dia da..

Welcome back to my self

Lameeee gile ak xmenjenguk blog neyhh sampai password pn dah lupe..

aku rase da xde org bukak blog aku nih sebab tuan dia sendiri pn xbukak.haha!

ak akan cube merajin2kan diri untuk menjenguk dan mengupdate blog neyh..

banyak kenangan woo blog nih..

bagi org mcm aku yg mhargai kenangan..

Blood Type 3

TYPE A is the good student. They try not to upset order; they dislike disruption and confrontation, and as a result try to stick to rules as much as possible and do things perfectly. They are reliable and have great tolerance and endurance. With a tendency to overanalyze, they are worrywarts and fret about things that might go wrong if things aren’t done properly. Because they don’t want to upset anyone, they take many people’s opinions into consideration so they are mostly regarded as the most kind and nice. However, this trait means they wind up being quite slow at making decisions. When coming upon an unknown bridge, they would take time to make sure anything and everything is 100% safe before crossing. Although usually introverts, there is the occasional extrovert with great leadership qualities who has managed to externalize the “serve others” attitude. Paying much attention to other peoples’ emotions means they are quite acute to their own feelings, which get easily hurt. Despite being very understanding, when greatly hurt they don’t forgive nor do they forget.
TYPE B is the egomaniac. Extremely self-centered and unabashed about it, they have strong belief systems and also have the skills and charisma to convince others. They are adventurous, full of curiosity and despite being initially suspicious, make friends quite quickly and easily. They rarely have the perseverance to plan things out and usually do things as they feel or on a whim. Being tied down to anything is one of their greatest fears, and “freedom” is hailed as an important motto. They are frequently accused of being playboys and commitment-phobes. Being bored is another great fear and they will continuously come up with creative ideas and things to do. They have to be amused and interested in something at all times and will show tremendous concentration in things that interest them, but will thoughtlessly dismiss anything uninteresting to them. Quick to make decisions, also quick in reading other people – they sometimes show amazing insight to other people’s characters and might be called “mindreaders”. They always have to say what’s on their mind and as a result, make as many enemies as friends. They forgive and they forget – sometimes they forget too much.
TYPE O is the class clown. The one to make any room brighter, they thrive on the attention and smiles of others. Happy-go-lucky, cheerful, very friendly, and also very practical, they have a competitive streak that shows off their determination. They are greedy in work, in love, almost everything. They have distinct boundaries and stick to them: they rarely mix work with pleasure, although to the less observant it might not seem so. Even though they might seem clumsy, details rarely escape them and they’re often gifted with good memory. They’re most likely to go over the top at any occasion and are often the organizers of parties and get-togethers. Once they put their mind to something they diligently carry it out and rarely get distracted. They have a great sense of justice and are good at categorizing and prioritizing in a haphazardous way. Because they usually are immensely cheerful in nature, once they get mad they get scary mad. They cannot endure loneliness so they tend to trust people wholeheartedly and when that trust is broken they fall into great despair. They are willing to forgive but will never, ever, forget.
TYPE AB is the riddle. The loner, the enigma, the one who marches to a different drummer. Very analytical and observant, but also very detached, they rarely make their feelings known voluntarily and even when asked, will reply with a vague and unclear answer. They don’t care about what others think of them and might be considered anti-social, but oddly enough, they work extremely well in social settings and are quite willing to aid others. Living in a world of their own, they might not differentiate between their self-created world and the actual world around them but this rarely affects their everyday life. (It mostly affects those around them.) The meaning of competition evades them as their value structure is uniquely individual. They are not good team players, although they won’t do anything to hurt the team. A wide range of interests make them very knowledgeable and creative. They possess great individual style. About forgiving and forgetting, they don’t even understand what there is to be forgiven or forgotten.


happy timeee~ ^^

ok...da seminggu..ak rase ok je..mgkin ak bole lupekn dia.hee~
ak xnk sedih2..nk epi2...buat ape sedih, xgune. sedangkan dia tgh epi mengayat pmpuan99 lain...pilot laaa katekaannnn~ pmpuan mane yg xnk kannn.pulak tu di ayat2...

sooooo...aku akn teruskan hidup dgn tabah.haha..i'll try my best!
harap2 xlame lg bertemu jodoh.haha!aish..jeles betul tgk kawan2 dah kawen..anak2 sedara aku yg sebaya n muda dari aku pon sibuk bertunang dah.bile laaa turn aku pulak niiiiii~

kawin! heee~~ ^^ ♥

nak kawin! nak kawin! nak  kawin!
nak kawin dgn org yg xkenal.sweetnyeee~~   
pas kawin baru becinta. lupekn akim! o yeah!! xsabo! haha...
xpela kawin dgn org yg xknl pn.da name pon jodoh.nanti lame2 aku cintakan la dia..
ak ni sng nk suke dgn org yg selalu ade dgn aku.geheee~

cepat3!!sape cepat dia dapat! wahaha

Jadi Sewel

aku xbole tido lg...ape masalah aku ni.....selalu awal gile aku ngantuk, tido...
kalo hari2 cmni letih la aku nk keje, kene bangun awal sume..haehh..

lagi teruk bile aku pegi petronas, nk isi minyak, pas bayar duit, aku start moto, pastu termenung atas moto selama beberapa minit..bile da nk jalan, baru aku ingat, aku xisi lg minyak dlm moto.haha..gileee~ nsb bek xblah cmtu je.kalo x rugi je.

bile g beli barang kat k mart, masukkan barang atas susunan bakul, pastu amik bakul paling atas, bwk2 terasa berat je..tibe2 ade bende jatuh; bakul! rupenye aku angkut dlm 4 5 bakul yg melekat sekali.kah3! naseb baek la ade bape ketol je org. kalo x mesti kene cop pelik lagi lahhh~

semangat yg agak lemah skrg ni......tgk bantal pun terkejut, tgk pintu terkejut.haha..mmg da xbetol ak ni.sume bende ak tgk ak terkejut..

kene kuat kn semangat ni dayah! xbole terus mcm ni! xpe, lg bape minggu aku akn ok! jiayou!!


malam ni ak xbole tido...mcm2 aku pk...
ak da tau kenapa mamat tu dulu asik ignore ak je kat fb...
rupanye sng utk dia ngorat pmpuan lain, supaya org xtau dia ade awek.
haha!! ingt aku bodoh?
lepas tu kalo dia ngorat awek, dia ckp kat pmpuan lain, pmpuan tu yg thegeh2 kat dia..
padahhaaalll...dia yg thegeh2 mintak nombor, alasan mcm pnh nampak, muah2 la kat pmpn tu...
haehhhh..hormon revenge aku meningkat!
lepas ni, biar aku activate fb, ak pulak buat lelaki mcm tu
biar aku yg ngorat2 laki sane sini...tgk jelah!!bwahahahah!!!biar aku pulak jadi playgirl, jadi penipu!
we'll seeee~
pastu kalo ade laki tah sape2 minang aku, biar aku cepat2 kawen.lepas tu curang!hahahahaha.bestnye!!


baru sekarang aku sedar..sejauh mana dia syg ak sbnrnye..
kalo ak yg skrg sihat walafiat dan xcacat anggota pon dia da buat cmni..

kalo jadi bende xelok kt ak lagiii r....haihhhh

aku akan buktikan yg aku bole lupekan dia!yoshhaa~!

Bahaya Jawatan/Kerjaya Hebat

jgn lah kerana anda berkerjaya hebat, anda fikir anda besar, boleh berbuat ape sahaja.
jgn la kerana anda PM ke, Pilot ke, ape ke, anda pk bole dapat mane2 pempuan je walaupun dia adalah isteri atau awek org..dan suami atau balak pmpuan tu hanya lah keje cikai2 atau skdr belajar cikai, beza dgn anda yg terlalu hebat, walaupun mereka mungkin belum kawin, tp agak2 la kalo nk mengayat pon kan. cube anda letakkan diri anda kat tempat balak pempuan tu..ape anda rase?jgn lah kite jadi org yg hanya pentingkan diri sendiri dan fikir yg best2 je utk diri. ingat, ade yg lg hebat dan besar drp kite.

sekian, sila terasa~

Hangul (tulisan korea)

sekarang aku dah reti membaca tulisan korea.hoyeah!
bace je..tulis kureng still bole ade salah2 ckit kadang2.kalo tau yg romanize punye bole la tulis dgn baik.kalo xtau yg romanize, dengo je org sebut perkataan korea, nk mengeja nye kadang2 betul, kadang2 salah.haha...
tp membaca, ok!!
da reti tulis name sendiri!!

눌히다얗 ===> Nur-hi-da-yah
이미연     ===> Ee-mi-yeon
 (utk Lee, mmg jadi Ee dalam korea, kadang2 dengo diorg sebut lee, kadang2 ee, ejaan tetap ee, mcm lee kwangsoo dgn leeteuk)

tulisan korea ni lain sikit dari konsep tulisan cine.cine dia lebih kpd character...
maksudnye, contoh "wo ai ni", perkataan "wo" tu mmg cmtu je la rupe dia xbole ubah2..kire xde huruf la macam kite..kire mmg kene hafal la rupe 'wo' mcm mane, rupe 'ai' mcm mane, rupe 'ni' mcm mane..

kalo korea pulak, dia ade huruf, tp xbanyak mcm kite..consonant dia xbanyak tp vowel dia banyak dr ade eo, eu, sume tu la..kire kite boleh mengeja la..
cume! tulisan korea, ditulis dalam dalam suku kata, suku kata...dalam 1 petak 1 petak same mcm tulisan cine..haaa, pening x dgn penerangan aku ni?haha~
kire cth la nk eja "saya bongek" dalam bahasa korea, dia ade 4 character iaitu sa-ya-bo-ngek.
kalo kite, jadi 2 perkataan je.

tulisan korea kite cume perlu hafal huruf dan faham penggunaan nye mcm mane..

kalo nk lebih paham, korang belajo la sendiri.wt penat ak je terangkan pjg lebar.haha~
korang nk belajar? belajar kat sini

Good Luck~ Halseuisseo!

Blood Type Personality (Love Version)

Aku blood type AB! ~~
gambar terpaksa edit baru sbb gambar asal sangat kecik dan kabur
cantik x?mestila cantiiikkk~ haha
klik gambar utk lebih jelas


Juniel - Bad Man

English Translation
I avoided my close friends and only looked at you
I learned how to cook for the first time and only waited for you
You are so mean, you are so bad
I did everything that you wanted
All day, I cried then laughed, like a crazy person
Did you want me to be like this as well?
Don’t you ever love again
Because you’re such a bad person
For the price of leaving me, don’t ever be happy
Baby I don’t like you I don’t like you
Even if you come back to me, I don’t want you
Baby I don’t like you I don’t like you
Even if you come back to me, I don’t want you
You are such a mean person, you are such a bad man
How can it be so painful much when there are no scars?
How can it hurt so much, as if I’ve caught a nasty cold
You are so mean, you are so bad
Was my innocent love that fun to you?
All day, I curse at you and hate you, as if I forgot you
But the more I do so, the more tears flow
Don’t you ever love again
Because you’re such a bad person
For the price of leaving me, don’t ever be happy
Baby I don’t like you I don’t like you
Even if you come back to me, I don’t want you
Baby I don’t like you I don’t like you
Even if you come back to me, I don’t want you
Sweet, sweet – even the sweet whispers of love
I didn’t know that they were all lies
I was still young so I believed everything you told me
And I regret that so much
You are so mean, you are so bad
Are tears the last part of love that you taught me?
I want to meet someone better than you
And smile every single day
Watch over the happy me from afar
Baby I don’t like you I don’t like you
Even if you come back to me, I don’t want you
Baby I don’t like you I don’t like you
Even if you come back to me, I don’t want you
ah oh oh oh du su su du ru su
Even if you come back to me, I don’t want you
You are such a mean person, you are such a bad man

Chinhaetdeon chingudeuldo pihago geudaeman barabwatjyo
An haebon yorido nan baeugo geudaeman gidaryeotjyo
Geudaeneun cham motdwaetjyo geudaeneun cham nappeujyo
Geudaega wonhaneun geon mwodeunji nan da haesseonneunde
Haru jongil uldaga useotdaga michin geotcheoreom
Ireon nae moseupdo wonhan geongayo
Geudaen dasin sarangeun haji marayo
Neomu nappeun saraminikka
Nal beorin geu daegaro haengbokhaji marayo
Baby i don’t like you i don’t like you
Dasi ondaedo naneun sirheoyo
Baby i don’t like you i don’t like you
Dora ondaedo naega sirheoyo
Geudaeneun cham motdoen saram geudaeneun cham nappeun saram
Eojjeomyeon ireokedo apayo sangcheohana eomneunde
Eojjeomyeon ireokedo sseuryeoyo dogeul samkin geotcheoreom
Geudaeneun cham motdwaetjyo geudaeneun cham nappeujyo
Sunjinhan nae sarangi geureoke jaemiisseonnayo
Haru jongil yokhago miwohago ijeun geotcheoreom
Jakku geureolsurok nunmulman nayo
Geudaen dasin sarangeun haji marayo
Neomu nappeun saraminikka
Nal beorin geu daegaro haengbokhaji marayo
Baby i don’t like you i don’t like you
Dasi ondaedo naneun sirheoyo
Baby i don’t like you i don’t like you
Dora ondaedo naega sirheoyo
Dara dara dalkomhan sarangui soksagimdo
Modu geojisingeol naman mollatjyo
Ajik eoryeoseo naege haetdeon maldeureul
Mideotdeon ge huhoega doeyo
Geudaeneun cham motdwaetjyo geudaeneun cham nappeujyo
Majimak gareuchyeojun sarangi nunmuringayo
Geudaebodan deo joheun saram mannaseo
Maeilmaeil utgo salgeyo
Meolliseo haengbokhan nal jikyeobomyeo sarayo
Baby i don’t like you i don’t like you
Dasi ondaedo naneun sirheoyo
Baby i don’t like you i don’t like you
Dora ondaedo naega sirheoyo
Ah oh oh oh du su su du ru su
Doraondaedo naega sirheoyo
Geudaeneun cham mot doen saram geudaeneun cham nappeun saram

Credits: pop!gasa 
Romanizations by:

Trauma vs Paranoid

ape perasaan korang kalo org yg paling korang suke dan sayang trauma dgn korang?

perasaan aku............... aku sgt999 sedih....ak pk aku patut jauh kan diri drp dia...
aku sgt2 garang....bile ak terlalu marah n xdpt terima yg dia tipu ak n lyn pmpn len, ak mrh dia, jerit kat dia...
mmg patut pun dia
trauma n takut dgn aku kn......hahaha~
dia pun ade ckp dia da takut dgn aku...haihhh...........
tp xsemua pempuan mcm dia xbole jadikan alasan tu utk trauma dgn semua pempuan zaman skrg.ak rase ak je yg cmtu....
dan kalo nk ikutkan trauma, ak ni lg la byk kali da kene tipu dgn lelaki..da byk lelaki curang..sampai 1 tahap ak jadi takut bile pk lelaki curang...ak pun patut trauma kannn??
x, x..ak
 paranoid (nk perkataan lain, xnk same)..

ak mintak dia luangkan mase utk ak, mtk dia bls msg n kalo kol berbual dgn ak mcm dulu, ak pk tu aku menyuarakan hak aku sbg org yg pnting dlm hidup dia..(eh, ke ak xpenting da?)...tapi, hakikatnye, ak buat dia pressure...
seperti pempuan2 lain, ak nak dia jadi dia yg dulu.....
bz macammane pon tetap luangkan mase utk ak...tapi tu sekarang da menjadi satu
jadi, utk xmempressure kan dia, ak da xnk mtk tu semua...biarlah.dia nk msg, msg lah...dia xnk, tpulang...
lepas ni ak nk keje memandangkan ade company yg da offer, biarla ak keje...bile keje ak sgt2 penat..dan akan tido awal..dan seterusnye akan mula melupakan dia...dan kemudian agak mustahil ak mempressurekan dia...harap mcm tu lah..

memandangkan aku kini agak paranoid, ak rase ak amik mase utk pulih..kah3..kalo dulu ak beria2 nk kawin walaupun xdpat2, skarang, ak da tolak plan kawin setepi-tepi nye....ak harap jodoh aku xdtang awal...
dulu ak agak serik dgn lelaki..xpecaye lelaki sb ak jumpe lelaki yg sgt 26 sept 2011, ak g bukak ati aku utk dia, cube utk pcye lelaki dia bkn betul2 utk ak..

hmmm....ade ke lelaki yg akn betul2 menghargai aku seadanya?

tu aku akn pk lg bberapa tahun akn datang..
buat mase ni nk paranoid duluuu~~ haha.pui!

***********************single kembali************************
xkan ade org yg wt ak hepi melainkan diri aku sendiri tatkala kene kuat! halseuisseo! (I can do it!)